A Virginia native, born in Harrisonburg and raised in Augusta County, Jarod grew up watching home renovation shows with his parents and looking at houses his grandparents were building. It was from these experiences at a young age that he knew that he wanted to immerse himself in the architecture field, first gaining a BS in Interior Design from Liberty University and now working towards licensure as an interior designer. In the future, his goals are set on becoming licensed architect.

Now Jarod works at our firm as an Interior Designer, helping to guide clients in the right direction when making interior and exterior material or design choices. He knows that there are countless options available to consumers looking to build both commercially and residentially, and he works to narrow down those options to help our clients find the “perfect fit.”  Our approach as a firm is to make the design process fun and as low-stress as possible, so having Jarod’s skills help you through selections aligns well with that goal. He brings organizational and design experience from his previous job as Project Coordinator at W. Boutros and Company, INC.

When you meet Jarod, it won’t take you long to realize that he is an avid car lover. He enjoys all things car-related and one of his favorite pastimes is to go for a drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway with the windows down. It’s no surprise that he has also previously worked as a Product Specialist at CMAs Valley Honda. There he bolstered both his passion for cars as well as experience with customer relations.

Jarod takes pride in his work and, alongside working full-time as an Interior Designer, he works part-time as a graphic designer and digital designer for Standout Arts, LLC. Outside of work, Jarod enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring nature and going on hikes, and traveling. He also enjoys taking on “some sort of more than likely unnecessary and time-consuming house repair.” 

Finally, a unique fact about Jarod is that he grew up as an only child and an only grandchild. Now, he lives solo with his “obnoxiously large and obnoxiously cute & forgivable Great Pyrenees named Kevin.” He is grateful to live within 5 minutes of his family and usually spends a large portion of his weekends with them.