Design Matters – New Home vs. Custom Home

Design mattersThe design of a home does not stop at the curb. You have to be able to carry your design through to the inside of a home from the lights, faucets, flooring, to wall colors. Not every client wants the architect to assist in coordinating all the details for a home, but when it happens, it is noticed. Design matters: most people think they can do it, but very few really are able to carry it through the entire project. If you want a project that holds its value, that carries through from inside to outside, and will be a functional home – you should have the architect design the entire project. If you just want just a new house then you can trust the purchase of a magazine / internet plan or hire a drafter. When you hire an architect, you are purchasing experience and knowledge, not just plans. Plans are just the physical manifestation of the work put into the design. Read more about custom homes here.

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