Detached Garage Design Solutions

078009-R1-18There seems to be a new kind of man cave popping up all around our area; the detached garage. It protects indoor air quality, offers flexible work space, and extra storage. The detached garage is making a comeback!photo (3)

These structures used to be fairly standard in residential design, but fell in popularity to the attached garage for convenience. However, these attached garage structures are usually limited in size to maintain proportions to the rest of the home. 15202_588488164504472_1206185290_nThey also are usually on the front of the home dominating the architecture – better purchase a nice garage door. The detached garage offers a place for a guest apartment, can vary in size and aesthetics, and is a place to store all those chemicals (paint, gas, oil) that you don’t want sneaking into your home. The detached garage can take on a form to compliment the home, look like a barn, or blend into the background.


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