Building a creative next generation – Check out our Maker Space

Building a creative next generation – Check out our Maker Space


It has taken me a while and of course it is not done, but the maker space is now functional.


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We have a partial basement in our home that is perfect for a “maker space.” A maker space is a mix between a shop, a craft room, and an art room. The one I created for our girls has been under construction for almost a year (in other words, I started it a year ago and then made no progress). Over the last couple of weeks, I was able to schedule a trip to IKEA to get the tables I needed, found two perfectly durable workbenches, and found some time to dedicated to the construction. I still have big dreams of building in a storage area for our seasonal decorations and other odds and ends that are kept in the space. Once that is done, we will expand the functional area of the space and move in some additional power tools.


Creating a creative space in our home has already inspired several creations. From clay, to wood, to painting, to sewing, all activities now have a place to happen that is out of the central living area – believe me the non-stop hammering needs to be out of the central living area.

20150607_132918-01 20150607_132851-01 20150607_132707-01

As our space grows and evolves, hopefully we can add more and more tools for use in creating projects. Let me know what you think.


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