In the Community: Kids Choir with Mariya

In the Community: Kids Choir with Mariya

We’re so proud to have such involved people at Gaines Group Architects who are committed to giving their time to the community. This week we highlight Mariya Chesnov. Mariya is a designer on our team that previously attended Massanutten Technical Center (MTC). You can learn more about MTC here.


Outside of her designer role, Mariya helps to lead the kids choir program at First Russian Baptist Church in weekly practices and services on special holidays and celebrations, like Christmas and Easter. Below, Mariya answers a few questions about her involvement with kids choir.

Kids stand in a line in the front of church and one holds a mic to sing. Other kids sit in pews behind.
Kids sing at First Russian Baptist Church


How did you first start helping with kids choir?

I started doing kids choir back in 2021 after I got baptized. I’ve always loved serving so I wanted to have a new way to serve the Lord. I love kids and singing so that was one of my top options.

What do you do specifically?

Specifically, I do the poems and verses for the choir. When we participate in church I basically give each child a small poem to learn to say in church.

Can you tell me a little bit more about what it’s like to work with the kids?

It can be stressful and challenging with 50 kids at times but I am so happy I joined because I get to serve the Lord with some of my closest friends with a passion that we have in common. There are many other ways to serve but to me children are so pure and wholesome. It is a beautiful reminder to me that the Lord wants us to be like them, trusting, humble, and forgiving.


Thank you Mariya for your time, energy, and gifts that you share with the kids in our community.