Welcome to the Team, Mariya Chesnov!

Welcome to the Team, Mariya Chesnov!

There is a new face around the Gaines Group and we are happy to introduce our newest team member, Mariya Chesnov. Please help us welcome Mariya to the team and get to know her below.

Welcome to the team, Mariya Chesnov!

Originally from Ukraine, Mariya moved to the United States when she was two years old. She holds a special place in her heart for Ukraine, but considers Harrisonburg to be her home as she has grown up in this area.

Mariya has always felt a pull towards design and fell in love with architecture during her family’s travels to cities and countries abroad. She approaches her design work with intentionality and creativity and loves seeing the results of her work. In joining the Gaines Group, Mariya is proud to be a part of a team that focuses on sustainable design and making an impact in the greater community. She has already hit the ground running and is focused on supporting multifamily designs in our Charlottesville office.

Mariya is beginning her career in architectural design and is a graduate of Massanutten Technical School where she became certified in Architecture and Interior Design. She is also currently completing coursework at Blue Ridge Community College. During her studies, a professor noticed her talent and encouraged her to compete in architectural drafting. She undertook this challenge and successfully competed this past summer at the national level in Atlanta. At this competition, she was tasked to design a pocket community with certain specifications. She submitted a full set of plans including floorplans, elevations, wall sections, schedules, and a hand-drawn site plan of the entire layout. Her hard work landed her a top place finish at 5th place and helped jumpstart her career in the industry.

Outside of her career pursuits, Mariya enjoys being on the go and traveling whenever possible. She enjoys being active and loves to play volleyball in the summer and ski in the winter. She spends much of her time with family and friends and is very involved in her church where she helps with the kid’s choir.

Portrait of Mariya Chesnov at the beach

In sharing about herself, Mariya says “seeing growth and progress inspires me. Seeing kindness and being genuine inspires me. Most importantly, the life of Jesus Christ inspires me. It motivates me to continually improve and become a better person daily.”