First Friday Featured Artist: Nicole Clatterbuck

“Growing up in extremely rural VirginiaI have always been inspired by my number one muse, nature, and the materials that are derived from it. After working in a jewelry-crafting supply store in Richmond, I began making jewelry about 10 years ago because simply put, I wanted to make original things for myself that nobody else had. Earth Metals has been the slow-developing process of turning the hand-crafted items I make and sell to friends into a tiny side business and regular hobby. I try to use natural materials when I can and have a penchant for using recycled materials as well. My work is a sum of multiple influences, from my deep fondness for the outdoors to the slight obsession with all things celestial. The literature and music that I love weave their way into my work. Death and its beautiful, rightful place in the cycle of nature is also something I’ve always pondered; you’ll see that theme reflected in my work as well. I am obviously an ardent fan of skeletons. I try not to take my art too seriously; I create for the pure and simple joy of creating. “

J. Nicole Clatterbuck is a sometimes-jewelry designer, sometimes-nature photographer, educator, caretaker, writer, and freelance music booking agent in the Shenandoah Valley. She’s also an avid reader, a mediocre painter, traveler, and a passionate outdoors explorer. She has lived in a number of stunning places but will always count herself lucky to consider Virginia “home.”

Nicole Clatterbuck will be a featured artist at Christmas at the Depot, to RSVP to this event check here. Or to learn more about the other featured artists at this event check out Lorie Mier, and Tony Distefano.

First Friday Featured Artist: Tony DiStefano

An artist with a camera documenting the beauty of the world. Tony DiStefano has called home many beautiful places from the forests of Western PA to the mountains of Southeastern New York State. He has now found his place in Harrisonburg – an area rich with opportunities for creative souls – for more than half of his adult life. You might recognize Tony from his many local shows and his earlier collection, “Through the Lens” back in 2019!

Tony’s work documents his love of the outdoors, as an avid hiker and fisherman since childhood, he has found wonder in nature. Inspired by his brother’s and uncle’s work with macro photography, Tony began his photographic journey in 2013. A prolific shutterbug, he has captured and shared hundreds of captivating images, ranging from birds, flowers, and insects to rural vistas and natural light portraits. While Tony’s work primarily focuses on nature he enjoys highlighting the tiny details organisms have to offer that wouldn’t normally be noticed by the human eye, giving small organisms a big personality through his macro lens. His work also highlights the beauty of texture found in nature like a praying mantis skin or a humming bird’s wings!

For more information on this event or to rsvp check here! Tony’s work will be featured along with Lori Mier’s!