Post Pandemic technology your business might want to add

I have been thinking through what the Post-Pandemic world will be like for businesses. I wrote about considerations you are probably making and door hardware solutions previously. So what Post-Pandemic technology might your business want to add? Well, it seems there are solutions emerging.

This Body Temperature Infrared Reader is expensive, but could help identify people that have symptoms so you can quickly isolate possible carriers. It also has a really cool name, so you should probably order one just because – who doesn’t need a Zortemp 1000!

There are other options of course at a lower cost. We use Flir technology to do our energy audits. They make a simple add on for smart phones that senses temperature on a surface. I have not tested the accuracy of use on humans, but I don’t know why it would not work. The plug in for your smart phone is only $200.

I wrote about HVAC systems and I think this is going to be an area of incredible concern. As I have read articles that show the air flow in a restaurant is a specific place where the virus is spread quickly (not in the unit for the study I read, but through air movement). I am very thankful for the added levels of protection we have in our home system.

What other technologies are you seeing emerge? What problems need a solutions?