Modern Home in Harrisonburg

It is always exciting to start the design of a new home. The client tells you about their dream life and your goal is to put together a home that will facilitate that life. They talk about patterns in their life, goals, and show some images of styles of architecture they like and then you are off to design. It is honestly why I am an architect. I love the challenge of designing a solution that will facilitate a client’s dream to become a reality.

This home is no exception. The spaces were crafted to facilitate their dream life. The house was set on the site to maximize the views and to allow the home to grow out of the site. The clients had both worked with an architect before so they knew the process going into design. We walk through how they want to live, balance that against styles of architecture and budget, and we create a home design.

This home, being built by Herr and Company is moving into the finishes phase. The cabinets by Classic Kitchens are being installed, flooring laid, drywall painted. This finish phase takes time and attention to detail to get it right – that is why I like to work with specific builders that understand how important it is to focus on the details. If you want to learn more about the process, check out this resource I created at

Simple details in this home like the placement of the soaking tub and the floating front porch bring the total design together. The slope of the porch, how you transition into the home, the space needed around the tub, the way the door swings for the shower are all taken into account in design.

The reason our process works is that we only do design. We don’t want to be your builder and we will not try to take on that role. We invite the builder to be part of the design process because we need their expertise to get the total project just right – including budget. We don’t take shortcuts through the process. At the end, we will have a beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient home that will facilitate our client’s dream life.

Help a locally owned restaurant by boosting their SM accounts #lovelocal

Please continue to order take out and purchase gift cards from our locally owned restaurants – but also plan for the future. Go to their social media pages and write an online review, repost to your timeline, and invite a friend to like the restaurant’s page. This will not only help these restaurants now, but will help them as we emerge from this new normal – hopefully soon.

Who should I add to the list? Where should I go eat when we can go out again? Add to my list and write reviews today!

Brothers Pizza

Dairy Queen Harmony Square (offering free Wi-Fi on their patio if you need it)

Bar B-Q Ranch

Bella Gelato

Bella Luna

Benny Sorrentino’s


Billy Jack’s

Black Sheep Coffee

Boboko Indonesian Cafe

Bowl of Good

Brothers Craft Brewing

Clementine Cafe

The Cracked Pillar

Cuban Burger

Dayton Tavern

El Charro

El Paisano Bakery

Food Bar Food

Friendly City Food Co-op

The Friendly Fermenter

Golden Pony

Grilled Cheese Mania

Heritage Bakery & Cafe

Indian & American Cafe

Jack Brown’s Burger Joint

Joshua Wilton House

Kline’s Dairy Bar

La Morena

Latin’s Flavor

Local Chop and Grill House

Lola’s Deli

Magnolia’s Tacos


Mr. J’s

Pale Fire

Restless Moons Brewing

Rocktown Kitchen

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The Shebeen Pub

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Sweet Joy’s Cakes and Desserts

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