Recruitment: How Employers Can Learn from Professional Sports Teams

Recruitment has taken many shapes and forms over the past decade. From newspapers to TV ads, employers will try it all to get their job noticed by all. According to, some ways that recruitment has changed is job board evolution, the rise of the social, a more personable job search, and giving candidates what they want. I believe the last two reasons are really starting to be forefront to recruiting than ever before. At CUED-in, we are hyper-focused on making the job search more personable, not only for the applicant but also for the employer.


With current low unemployment numbers and a dire need to recruit talent, CUED-IN sees that future recruitment models will be vastly different from past models. Recruiting will always start with relationship. That may be a conversation, a phone call, or even an email because the best employees come through a relationship that happens at the ground level. Engaging conversations build relationships built on trust and understanding, and it’s these conversations that are the core of successful recruiting.  However, new recruitment strategies will need to involve growing your team and setting your company up for success in the near future. We see that the future of recruiting is going to be the recruiting model that a professional sports team uses to find future talent.

You take football, soccer, baseball, or basketball and you will find that these professional sports teams…. Click HERE for entire blog.