Modern House on a Hill under construction

This luxury custom home continues to make progress in Rockingham County.

custom house

Our modern house on a hill is under construction. Herr and Company is hard at work bringing this home design into reality. It is always exciting to see your vision put into built form. This custom home in particular sits beautifully on the site. I helped place it and had a good idea of the views up to the house from the driveway and from the house out to the mountains, but the reality is even more beautiful than I had imagined.

custom house custom house

The details on this home are minimal, which actually causes more precision to be required during construction. We are pleased with the care that the contractor is taking to get things right and it is certainly a team effort.

custom house custom house  custom house custom house

I will continue to update on this custom home project as it takes shape. I am very excited to see finishes as they start the next stage of construction.