Music, Father, Daughter, Love

I am updating this post and deleting parts. I just don’t have words for the heartbreak and the words I shared before are not enough.

Over the last few years both girls and I have attended Red Wing Festival together and consider it a highlight of our summer. I enjoy the entire weekend, getting to hear lots of new bands. Over the three-day weekend the only band that ALWAYS brings the girls to sit with me is the Steel Wheels. Hannah in particular listens to their music non-stop on her phone. I have tried to expand her musical taste, but she insists when selecting the next CD in the car that it is a Steel Wheels option. The bands’ uplifting messages in their songs have helped me through some hard times over the last few years and their music has become some of my favorites of all time. If you want to feel good listen to their music!

This band has become part of the musical background of my life. The girls and I have seen them in concert many times, we have all their CD’s, and even play their vinyl. We even found a record that has a little known song called Architect’s Daughter that we of course love. We also go to church with Eric, their fiddle player.

Red Wing Roots Festival

So for the love of their music, this band, and this family I am asking for some help. I cannot even imagine and I don’t want to imagine what this father and his family are going through. I am crying while trying to write this. (section of text deleted to respect the privacy of this family)

Eric Brubaker

So I am asking for your prayers for this family. This musician and father has brought me so much joy with my girls I want to show him my support and love in return. I encourage you to read the Caring Bridge Story.