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Remember to like, share, and repost your favorite small business on Facebook today. Many of us small business owners rely on social media as a low-cost way to market our companies. However, social media platforms are constantly changing and creating more limits on who sees posts from businesses. We don’t have the budget to create a controversy that goes viral like the big shoe companies. We struggle to find consistent interesting content that you will like and share. We work hard to be relevant and creative so you will continue to follow our page. It is hard work for sure. So, I am asking that you like, share, and repost something from a locally owned small business today.
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Social media is not all I do for marketing of course, but it may be the most important because it is your endorsement that gets me my next job. I can run ads all day, but your endorsement is what really matters. When you tell a friend that you trust me, it carries more weight than any advertisement. When you tell a friend to give me a call, it changes their perception of me. When you tell a friend to hire me, it gives me the next opportunity I have been working hard to find.
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Here is an example: I was called to a home last week to do an energy audit. I do them for free for anyone that wants one. The home owners were told to call me by someone who knows and supports our business. Thanks for that. They were concerned about the air quality in their home that was being prepared for a renovation. I was able to lay out the building science case for how to approach the renovation as part of the energy-audit. This gave them confirmation on research they had already done. We figured out through our conversation that they had been reading my blog in the past, but did not call me to design their renovation. They viewed the blog as a huge resource, but not enough to hire over the recommendation from a friend to hire another architect. It was the personal endorsement of one of their friends that convinced them to call me. That personal connection telling them to trust me makes all the difference. 
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The power of social media is not what I post. It is not the content I create. The power of social media is that your friends trust your recommendations. If you recommend me for a job it is highly likely that I will get the job. I am asking you to support me, but also support other locally owned small businesses on social media. Ads and marketing will only do so much. Please like, share, and repost for me or some other small business today. Please write a review online on google, facebook, or LinkedIn.
Thank you so much for your support. Reading my blog is also a great way to support my business. I really appreciate you taking time to read.
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