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Why Hire an Architect? Know the Answers, Build the Solution

Hiring an architect is more than aesthetics, it is getting the answers before building the solution.

This is a big concept that not many think about in the construction industry. Getting the answers before building starts saves the client money and increases the builders profit. It is the best path to achieve your goals because the architect will give you a piece of mind.

Have you ever purchased new clothes that are the right size, color, style – perfect – and when you get them home and put them on they just don’t fit right? Maybe it is just a guy thing. I don’t ever try on clothes at the store. I know what size I need and it should fit right. However, I know there have been many times I have purchased clothes that don’t fit or simply just does not fit the way I wanted it to fit.

architectHow does this fit into construction?

I wonder how often that really happens in construction. You find a perfect plan online or get a drafter to draw up the solution, but no time has been spent getting the answers. Were all the questions even asked?

One of the many things an architect can bring to the table is a chance for you to make sure the solution is a good fit before you build it. Our job is to listen to what you want to achieve, ask you questions, and offer you solutions. In this case, pictured, the clients wanted desk space in this addition to their home. The opening goes into their existing kitchen so we were looking at a more traditional desk arrangement vs a bar / eating space solution. Both offered desk space, but living in those spaces will be very different. Being able to visualize the options prior to finish the drawings and well before cabinets are ordered allowed the clients to make an informed decision about the solution they wanted.

An architect will take some of the stress out of the process. We have done this many times and know the typical questions that will come up. We want to make sure we ask the right questions and deliver design solutions that meet your expectations. We also want to give you a visual tour of the finished product in a way that you can best understand it – before construction. This will save you money and the builder will increase their profit. This is the right path forward for construction projects.



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