What To Know About Your Custom Home Design

What To Know About Your Custom Home Design

There are a lot of questions in the construction industry when you set out to build a new house. The biggest and first question in my mind – Do you want a custom home or just a new home? If you want a new home, why not buy one that already exists? You will get more for your money over building new as existing homes prices are still deflated, yes even after the “recovery.” If you want custom – meaning you want a home that is exactly what you want, healthy, energy-efficient, durable, functional kitchen, open floor plan – whatever it may be, then you need to pick an architect, not a drafter, an architect to do your design.  You need to decide what kind of architect you want to hire. We come with specific knowledge and preference. You should pick an architect not just on experience, but also on personality – do you get along with us? Will we listen to you? Will we HEAR you?

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So why hire an architect instead of a drafter for a custom home? There are several reasons – first an architect is licensed with the state to do design and holds liability for the work they produce. Architects are trained to design, that means at least 3 1/2 years of school, but likely 5 or more years of school, 3+ years training under another licensed architect, passing multiple exams that take hours each, 3 letters of recommendation from other architects, and annual education maintenance. This compared to the drafters training requirement – a business license. There are drafters with more experience than others, but none have gone through all the steps of a licensed architect – OR they would be a licensed architect.

So why is this step so important for a custom home? It is simple, design up front saves you money during construction, creates a home that is specific for you, reduces your energy use and maintenance to operate your home, and work with me here – creates a better end product. So if you plan to spend money to build – why not get the best product possible.

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If you want to learn more about building a custom home, here is a link for a LOT of information on the steps, questions, and concerns. Feel free to call or email me as well.