Christmas Shopping From an Architect: Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

Time to finish up your Christmas Shopping!

Well it is December 23rd, so probably time for you guys to finish your Christmas shopping. Ok, who are we fooling, it is time for some of you guys to start your Christmas shopping. I know it is hard to figure out what she is dreaming of, so I am here to help. Every girl I know LOVES getting energy efficiency tools that will help lower electric bills and save the planet. Here are some ideas:

LED Bulbs

cree-led-bulb-looks-incandescent-640x353; Christmas shopping

Solar Panels – who does not love a good solar panel?

net zero house harrisonburg

Spray Foam – girls LOVE spray foam


An Energy Audit (call me and I might be able to provide a basic one for free)

Energy audits are an inspection that looks at energy flow in a building. The objective of an audit is to identify things that can be modified to reduce energy usage and increase comfort and safety for the occupants of the building.


Heat Pump Hot Water Heater

product-heat-pump-water-heater; Christmas shopping

Solar light tubes


Front load washer and dryer (careful on this one, it might not have the impact you want)

Tiny House

Thermal curtains to make your rooms more comfortable.

thermal2; Christmas shopping

Water efficient faucets to help reduce hot water demand.

Chesapeake Western Depot Harrisonburg; Christmas shopping

Energy gaskets for the electric outlets and light switches

electrical outlets; Christmas shopping

If these don’t work, I have no idea what went wrong….

Christmas shopping