Do you save money by hiring an architect?

IMG_6575Hiring an architect should save you time, money, minimize bumps, streamline the building process, and provide an accurate picture of what to expect well before the first shovel of dirt is turned over.

I heard it again last week from a friend that decided to cut costs by not hiring an architect: “I wish I had hired you, I would have saved a ton of money and frustration.” It is a painful conversation for both me and the person that made the choice not to hire me that I have had many times. I struggle to get work, get told many times over that potential clients found a cheaper alternative, then I see the results and the mistakes made by those not understanding design.


The problem is that I cannot prove hiring a design professions (not a drafter, not a builder that does design) will save you money, but I have heard from many that have tried that it does not work. Have you had the same experience? Have you avoided design costs by going another direction and ended up with exactly what you wanted? Comment below and share your experiences – size, shape, complexity, situation, renovation, commercial, residential. It will help me better convey to my potential clients why they should hire me and help other blog readers make this decision.