Does your apartment create a sense of community?

The design of an apartment building is not often discussed in the world of architects. Many developers use cheap materials that will not last very long, amenities are used to attract tenants, and lets face it, usually the rent is the final criteria for those selecting a place to live. However, we take a different approach. Our clients want to create places that are fun to live in, will last a long time, and offer those living there a sense of community.

We have done a lot of multi-family projects over the years with a variety of styles. As our latest project breaks ground in Augusta County, I am wondering which one from the past is a favorite of yours. Let me know which you prefer by commenting below in the comments section.


Duke Garden Renovation



Stone Creek Village




Linden Town Lofts



Timberlake 9.4.13 005

Timberlake Place



waverly place

Waverly Place