Before you bring baby home, get it ready for the changes coming.

What are the things you need to do in your home before the new baby comes home? What precautions do you need to take? What changes do you make?

Those of us with children have gone through the process – time to baby proof your home. You purchase electric outlet covers, make sure the chemicals are put away in locked cabinets, and install the baby gate. We paint the new nursery and build the crib. So what did you miss? What other things should you do?
There are other things that you should consider. First while installing the outlet covers, be sure to take the outlet plate off first and caulk the openings around the box. This will improve the indoor air quality of your home. Air leakage is a huge problem for indoor air quality and we all want the best environment possible for our children.
When painting the nursery be sure to use No VOC paints so that you are not introducing chemicals into the sleeping environment. VOC’s used to be a standard in our household paints and many other products, but now with a little research you can find better solutions.
Install your CO2 sensors to further protect the indoor air quality. Many houses have smoke detectors, but they should also have CO2 Sensors. While you are at it, do a radon test. We have heard of many homes in our area having high levels of radon after the Earthquake a few years ago.
Other things to consider, easy access into the home for the stroller. If you have the opportunity to build it new, plan for easy access for those days when your hands are full. Make sure you have easy to function assemblies around your home, water dispenser in the fridge that only requires one hand when your other has a baby in it. Door handles should be able to function with your elbow. Make sure you have the home automation system installed to be able to monitor what is going on to give you more freedom to move around the home.
Bringing a baby home is a wonderful time in your life. Enjoy it worry free by taking these extra precautions.
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