Another successful LEED for Homes project on a tight budget

Another successful LEED for Homes project on a tight budget

Doing the first LEED for Homes certified project in the Southeastern United States in 2005 was a great honor and helped us build a solid reputation for delivering innovation at an affordable price. Over the years we have done multiple LEED projects and have shown time and again, innovative design done right can be done on a tight budget. Using LEED as a tool instead of a goal allows the designer and contractor to deliver the best value project for the homeowner.

LEED Project

Leed for Homes is a green home certification system for assuring homes are designed and built to be energy and resource-efficient and healthy for occupants. Compared to a conventional home, a green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources; creates less waste, is smartly located and built with as little impact on the land it sits on as possible; and is healthier for the people living inside. 

It is exciting to announce that we have two more successful LEED SILVER projects finished with happy clients living healthier and paying lower utility bills. 501 / 503 was our first LEED for Homes duplex project for repeat clients Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville. This project has a long list of innovations that saved the client money, lowered the impact on the site/environment, and cut utility costs.

  • All Native Plants to reduce the need for irrigation
  • 90% permeable lot to reduce stormwater runoff
  • The strategic location of trees to shade hardscape areas thus reducing the heat island effect
  • Effective landscape design that prevents erosion
  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • 30% more energy-efficient than the average home built today
  • Advanced Framing
  • 95% of all construction waste diverted from landfill
  • Proper ventilation system integrated with the heating and cooling system
  • No Garage
  • Energy Star Windows
  • Compact plumbing system design
  • Energy star appliances

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