Architects are Sexy

According to a survey conducted in 2005 (yes I am still holding on to this survey after all these years), there is nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who knows his architecture! The survey by “drawing down the Moon” has shown that architects top the poll of professions that are considered sexy, beating out doctors, police, firemen, and teachers. The survey showed that “Architects are seen as being balanced and rounded (I got that covered at least) individuals who combine a creative approach with a caring, thoughtful disposition” while “their ability to cope with pressure of work in a relaxed manner was also deemed to be a significant plus.”

While many think the reality of what an architect does is based on what they have seen on television or in movies, this survey has identified valid character traits. The Architect is trained to identify problems and issues, come up with balanced solutions, and offer a strategy for implementation. The profession has evolved over time from the early architects that were master builders to today’s architect that are the one entity that experiences the project from beginning idea to completed functional structure. The architect should be seen as the quarterback for the process helping to guide the process, not the one making all the decision. They should offer options and strategies, not just absolutes. Your architect should not have a preconceived idea of what the project will become but should allow for the process to reveal itself and the design to come from conversations with you about your dreams, desires, and needs. The process of creating place, modifying space, and implementing function is a process of love and caring for how you live, work, and play. So on this Valentine’s Day, celebrate architecture and send a little love to your architect – after all they are the sexiest profession.


love architects