I have seen the future of home buildings – it is now!

I have seen the future and it is VERY cool!

Last year, I wrote a post, Architectural iPad. In that post I was wondering how to make building science as cool as the iPad. The iPad was an invention that nobody knew they needed until it came out, then many wanted one and other companies raced to create their own.

So now it has happened in the building industry, we have our “iPad”. The NEST is a thermostat that learns your habits and adjusts to your needs. Yes, it is “just a programmable thermostat”, but it look cool, anyone can program it, and it is going to spark a revolution in the building industry. As I always say – DESIGN MATTERS!

Nest Thermostat

Who has ever looked at a thermostat in a home and said that looks nice (other than me)? Usually you try to hide the thermostat and only pay any attention to it when the weather changes. The NEST takes all the uncertainty out of programming your thermostat and makes it so anyone can use one and therefore will save money. The NEST learns your habits and then operates based on your habits.

Just as an aside, the person that designed the NEST also designed the first 18 generations of the iPOD and the first 3 generations of the iPhone. This is the beginning of a design revolution. If you see the subtle beauty of this device, you too will realize that DESIGN MATTERS.