I found the key to success: ask lots of questions.

I have been searching this year for answers. Is there a better way to serve my clients? Is there a better way to serve my community? Am I doing everything I can to be a good father? Can I find another way?

I attended a Leadership Summit in Charlottesville recently (I was actually presenting and just attended one session). The speaker told his life story about all the failures that he has run into in his life that got him to “success.” He failed at every turn and through that failure he found opportunity by asking more questions. He learned from his mistakes, he did not take no for an answer, he opened the shut doors. As I continue to struggle with how to make it in this economy, this community, this world, I have finally seen the key to success. I need to ask questions. I need to ask for help. I need to find better solutions. I need to open shut doors and shut minds.

The most important thing in life you can do and that you can teach your children to do is ask lots of questions.

Never say yes, but.

Always say, yes, and.

Harrisonburg Green Architect