Why architecture?

Why Architecture? It is a common question that I get as I interview with potential clients. The answer is simple, a good plan will make for a successful project.

Why architecture? Because we make clients happy, builders look good, reduce call backs, improve energy efficiency, and help create beauty in this world. #designmatters

There is a bit more depth to this answer than might be apparent on the surface when looking at building a new home. Purchasing a plan online or hiring a drafter that can draw a house is not architecture and it is certainly not a custom home. Having someone other than an architect develop the plan for a new home or purchasing generic plans not specifically developed for you is a solution for a new home, but not a custom home. This is an important distinction that you need to decide on before starting your journey towards a home construction project.


Does your home facilitate the life you want to live? If you have to adapt your life to the house you have, then you have not experienced a custom design specific for you. A custom design done through the architectural process develops the spaces specific to how you want to live life. We infuse lessons learned from past projects to create efficiency and comfort. Architects listen for clues along the way during multiple conversations with you to be able to create your dream home.

As an architect, I have spent many years learning to listen and think through design. I understand the holistic approach to creating the space you want to facilitate your dream life. We are creating something custom that will enhance your livability in this new space.

If you have a renovation, addition, or new home project on the horizon, here is a resource I have developed that might help with the process.


If you have questions, please reach out to me.

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