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We are honored to be included in another design awards program. We found great success in the Marvin Windows Challenge finishing in the top 5 in the country. Now we have a house in the Integrity Red Diamond Awards that is located in downtown Harrisonburg. Please consider voting for this home if you like what we did for our clients. Please vote for us in the Red Diamond Awards!

20140718_152244_120140915_131911_1custom home harrisonburg

Built by Beck Builders and landscaping done by the Natural Garden, this home is a great example of how to conserve green space while providing a comfortable energy-efficient home. 


This 2,500 square-foot, four-story home was built on an in-fill lot in the heart of Harrisonburg’s historic Old Town neighborhood. The home features four bedrooms, an open living room / kitchen, one car garage and a home office. There is a bridge connecting the front door to the parking area and a roof deck with expansive views stretching as far as James Madison University. The homeowners wanted an energy-efficient, contemporary-style cottage look that would blend into the historic neighborhood.


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