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Williamsburg VA

More from our trip to Williamsburg – Architectural Details

More from our trip to Williamsburg – Architectural Details

The architectural details in Williamsburg are truly special. The brick walls have moss growing over the top softening their surface and providing color. The variety of fence styles and types are diverse and varied. I have to imagine there is significance to the different styles, but I did not find any documentation of such.

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There are many styles of gates and passages. The discovery that is allowed through these borders gives the visitors more depth to the experience. 


There is a variety of signs marking the stores, taverns, and shops. These signs reinforce the architecture.


Even the hinges on the shutters have a variety of styles and types leaving the visitor opportunity to think about form and function.

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The door locks range from sliding locks, chains, to padlocks. These locks add texture and detail that enhance the architectural story.

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Even the hinges on the fences offer a variety of interests.


This bird house seems to be a luxury suite. 


The doors show their age while telling a story of time past.

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The wells offer interesting textures.


Window trim and shutters tell a story of function and style.

williamsburg-details-39  williamsburg-details-41

From the rich to the poor, those living in mansions to log cabins, this place tells a story of cultural development. The wall paper with intricate detail is such a luxury that many others could never even fathom owning.

williamsburg-details-42 williamsburg-details-40

Williamsburg VA

Another day trip idea for your holiday break – Williamsburg, Va

Another day trip idea for your holiday break – Williamsburg, Va

Here is another day trip idea for your holiday break – Williamsburg, Va. This city is located in the northern part of the Hampton Roads area. It was founded in 1632 as a fortified settlement on the high ground between the James and York rivers. The city was the capital of the Colony of Virginia from 1699 – 1780 and the political center that led to the American Revolution. We visited this summer on a hot and humid day – I would imagine this week is way more appealing temperature wise. There are many buildings to see,  details to find, and history to experience.


We started our day at the visitor’s center, crossing the bridge of dates and differences made by people over the years. What difference will you make NOW is the challenge for all of us moving forward.


There are so many architectural types, styles, and details to take in throughout the historic village.


The details in the brickwork is amazing for buildings this old. They truly took time to make the architectural details beautiful.


There are reenactments scheduled throughout the day telling the story of the American Revolution.


When we were there, the gardens were all in bloom. The landscape design tells its own story of class and function.


From the signs, to fences, doors, locks, and walls the architecture speaks in this place.

williamsburg-8 williamsburg-9         williamsburg-17  williamsburg-19

The girls even took off their shoes and pitched in making mud for the bricks. I reminded them that I draw the brick – I don’t make the brick!

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