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When Should I Hire a Registered Architect?

Hire a registered architectWhen selecting a restaurant you could go to a fast food joint if you don’t mind getting assembly line quality food. ¬†However, if you want a meal that melts in your mouth, you will seek out a restaurant that has a chef. A Chef is someone that understands the subtle differences in texture, heat, and flavor used to create a meal that you will remember for years. You could always settle for a meal that is good, but when you are spending your money, why not go for great.

The same goes for a building a home or commercial building. You can “find” a plan online or hire a drafter (someone who does not have the professional training required to be licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia) or you can hire a registered architect. Hiring a registered architect will alleviate many of the hassles from your life that complicate the design and construction process. Their experience will guide you through the hurdles of construction, create a plan for success, and provide you with a building solution that is healthy, energy-efficient, and durable.

So if you are looking for a building solution that is better than assembly line quality food, hire a registered architect.