Gaines Group Architects

#Architects are not normal people

What an architect sees: properly installed flashing and house wrap to provide appropriate water protection for the home for years to come

Harrisonburg Custom Home

What a normal person sees: a wall with windows

What an architect sees: a stormwater filtration system that will prolong the life of the membrane roof and provide habitat for insects


What a normal person sees: a grass roof

What an architect sees: a barrier solution that provides movement and interest through the use of light and shadow


What a normal person sees: a porch rail

What an architect sees: an innovative wall construction solution that is durable and efficient


What a normal person sees: a wall

What a normal person sees: a building site

Crossroads Farm Site

What an architect sees: potential for a creative, innovative, energy-efficient, healthy, and durable design that will last a lifetime and provide opportunities for many family celebrations, enjoyment, and life long comfort. Give us a call and we will share our vision for your design project.