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Stoney Run Farm – project update

Stoney Run Farm

We get involved in some really cool and interesting design-build projects. This tilt-up concrete project is a milking facility in Rockingham County just outside of Harrisonburg. Talk about state of the art, the systems in this building are incredible. Our role was to design the exterior of the structure and layout the equipment designs supplied by other companies.

Stoney Run Farm barn

The structure of the building is tilt-up concrete with a textured finish to appear like stone. The goal presented by the clients was to create a classic barn look so that the facility fit with existing on the property. 

Stoney Run Farm carosel

The most innovative solution in this project from an architectural stand point was the integration of tilt-up walls with metal building roof and sophisticated milking equipment.

Stoney Run Farm hvac

The pure scale of this structure cannot be realized without walking through it. At full capacity over 4,000 cows could be milked per day. Our projects are diverse which keeps life interesting. This is one of the most unusual we have ever been involved with over the years.