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Some more cool innovations to help you on your quest to being the coolest kid on the block

Technology is changing faster than anyone can keep up with these days in the construction industry. Companies are printing houses, growing insulation, and painting on solar panels. So of all these new innovations, are any of them actually on the market, affordable, and able to actually make your life better? Earlier this week I wrote about some cool new products that have come to the residential home market. To check them out go here.  Here are some more that I think may be solutions that help.


A web enabled slow cooker would certainly help in my life. I am sometimes entrusted with remembering to turn up / off / or down the slow cooker when I get home from work. There is a 50/50 chance that this action will be remembered before I hear my wife’s car in the driveway. So here is a solution that can solve all of her problems, simply pull out your phone and do it yourself. With a touch of your phone you can adjust cooking time, temperature, and turn this device on or off. It still does not actually put the ingredients into the pot – but I am sure that is also in the works in the future.


Have you ever worried about a water leak in your home destroying your floors, drywall, carpet, wood floors? Well, here is a solution for you. The Wally Home will send you a message if it detects water using existing wiring and wi-fi in your home to help predict the unpredictable. It also will report the humidity and temperature in your home to help protect indoor-air-quality. Unfortunately, it does not stop the leak, only gives you warning that there is a problem, so you still may have to fix some damage around the house.


So simple, why did I not think of that? This humidity control is simple and straight forward – it turns on your ventilation system when humidity gets too high in a space. So no more reminding the kids to turn on the bath fan, this Leviton solution takes care of your problems. Now if only it would remind the kids to wash behind their ears!


Ever forget to charge your phone? What if the counter at your favorite coffee shop could charge your phone? Well, you don’t have to go out to charge your phone anymore, your kitchen counter can now be a phone charger using a DuPont Corian Countertops. There are no cords involved and the counter looks normal – only difference you can have a phone that is all charged up.