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Architectural Relationships

You never know where a relationship might lead you, do you take people for granted? I have been working in the architectural industry for over 10 years. I give at least one presentation on green building and design each month, usually many more. I volunteer for half a dozen organizations, usually focused on green design. I attend at least one national convention a year centered on the construction industry. In other words, I know people.

I work hard marketing our firm, talking about what we do, and looking for avenues to get the word out that we offer high value. In this economy, as I am sure you know, it is tough to find that next great project. It is difficult to decide where to invest your marketing dollars. The best investment I have found through all this work, all these connections, and all the time invested: relationships. You need to be true to who you are, deliver high value, and offer professional service to be successful. If you have built relationships, people know you and trust you before you ever venture into a business venture.

Here are some pictures of current projects, all of which come from a conversation or three about what the client needed before they were clients. All but one came from getting to know the clients and becoming friends long before there was even a project. All of them are a result of hard work, trust, and value. The most important elements of any marketing campaign.

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