Gaines Group Architects

Smithland Road Custom Home

We take a variety of approaches for our custom home projects. On the Smithland Road Custom Home, we worked for the builder, AM Yoder and Co and had a limited number of interactions with the client during design. We are only observing on occasion during construction as our services were for design only.

20150120_083007 20150120_081758

The design-build approach on this project was used to offer the clients a one-stop-shop for their custom home. This certainly simplifies the process of design for the builder’s clients. However, it requires a very high level of communication as the builder is often communicating design intent vs desire between parties.

Walking the site this past week, I noticed that several design changes had been made from the final version I submitted. The grade at the front of the home is much lower than I expected (the house is closer to the road which forced this decision), the back wall has more glass, and the fireplace was moved. I judge a project as successful if the client is happy with their dream home. Design changes during construction happen in all projects – it is fun to see what happens when I am no longer part of the conversation.

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