#Architects are not normal people Part II

#Architects are not normal people. Part II. See part I here.

As an architect, I have had years of training that has taught me how to observe spaces, building science solutions, and aesthetics in a unique way different from normal people. I see beauty in brick and emotion in statues. For instance:

What an architect sees: an exquisite juxtaposition of material and form, hard surfaces and soft textures, dark and light.


What a normal person sees: a rock wall with a wood bench.

What an architect sees: a solar chimney used to pull warm air from the lower level of the house to create a natural convection loop to cool the house.


What a normal person sees: a two-story tall entrance with windows.

What an architect sees: a balanced space that allows in filtered light, encourages gatherings, and offers comfort.

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What a normal person sees: a living room / kitchen space for the family to enjoy

What an architect sees: a complicated building science challenge to maintain humidity and heat levels while preserving the existing wood structure of the building.


What a normal person sees: A hot yoga studio

What an architect sees: a properly installed thermal envelope that will allow the home to operate in an efficient manner while protecting the indoor-air quality.

Crossroads Farm

What a normal person sees: open cell spray foam insulation