How to Love an Architect.

Architects are a different breed. They find romance in restoration, poetry in a portico, and harmony in a historic district. A romantic dinner date is filled with observations about the exposed beams, glazing patterns, and a long list of how to redesign the space to make it flow better. A quick getaway is planned around the significant architectural treasures that need to be observed, critiqued  and documented. Dreams are filled with a blank canvas, unlimited design budget, and exemption from the laws of physics. So when it comes to Valentine’s Day how can you show the architect in your life that you care and potentially divert his attention away from that wall section for a couple of hours?

The AIA Store suggests everything from a Mondrian Mug to Architect Stick Figures. Could this be the answer?

architectural stick figures

Or perhaps an architectural place mat from Spot Cool Stuff Design,   It would bring focus to the table rather than the building – as conversation would focus on why he /she should have gotten the design commission to create it and how the proportions are all wrong.


Or perhaps a LEGO Architecture Creation to remind us that one day LEGO is going to call to ask to feature one of our buildings.


No, at the end of the day, Architects have simple needs. Your appreciation for our work, acknowledgement that not just anyone with plan software can actually design, and a signed proposal for that next big project. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Love an architect

Love an architect