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Time for the family to gather, do you have a dream living room?

While the kitchen is often the heart of your home this time of year, the living room is just as important. The spaces we have to gather, relax, reconnect, and recharge are critical to our health and the health of our family. Having a space that allows for this to happen away from the dirty dishes and chore list you keep on the refrigerator makes your house a home. 



The living room should show your style, speak of your values, and set a tone for the rest of your home.


While living rooms vary is size and shape there are some critical elements that make them more functional. First they have to be right sized for the occasion. Since you may entertain for different size groups an adaptable space is important to allow for a small group to feel cozy and a large group to be comfortable.

ICF Living Room

As with most rooms in the home, access to the outside is important – either views or even a direct path to a patio or deck makes the space feel larger and more inviting. You may even have an extension of your inside space into a semi-outside living room space.


Creating a center in the space allows for focus, this may be a fireplace, view through a window, or a television. The most important part of this space is to make it work just right for you and your family. There are no rules to follow in custom design – after all – it is custom designed for you. Share your thoughts in the comment section below – what is your must have for a living room?