What makes a Livable Community?

What makes a community a great place to live? There are likely many things that come to mind immediately and probably very different from one person to another. However, there are some strong components found in many of these communities. The American Institute of Architects has developed a list of the 10 principles for livable communities. 

Timberlake 9.4.13 008

VSAIA has just opened an exhibition featuring Timberlake Place as one of 10 projects that exhibit a Livable Community characteristics. The 9 principles exhibited at Timberlake Place include:

9.3.13 010

  1. Design on a human scale.
  2. Provide choices.
  3. Preserve Urban Centers
  4. Vary Transportation Options
  5. Build Vibrant public spaces
  6. Create a neighborhood identity
  7. protect environmental resources
  8. design matters
  9. conserve landscapes

Timberlake 9.4.13 006

The last principle that is included, but not in Timberlake Place – Mixed Use.