JMU’s Studio Center renovation nears completion

We started with a few minor changes and ended up with a major systems and space upgrade – the renovation is almost done at the JMU Studio Center in Harrisonburg, VA.


This project includes a new paint booth, concrete lab, wood shop, and welding room. We also are adding two computer labs, expanding classroom and studio space, and correcting comfort issues. (to the students: yes we are fixing the comfort issues). The contractor, Rhodenizer Construction Company, has done a great job of navigating design changes during construction as the client finalized their needs vs budget demands and the end result will be a space that meets student needs for many years to come.

20141103_072910 20141103_072941

JMU Interior Architecture program will have a studio space that is more than double the old size. There will be a concrete lab instead of having to make do in various places around the building and parking lot. The wood shop will have more space making it possible to complete more complex build projects. A book arts program space is being added to the building. The new paint booth will allow students to finish furniture scale projects and the entry will feel more welcoming.

20141103_073114 20141103_073535