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Building relationships in a small town – Trust is the key to success.

The Gaines Group expanded into the Shenandoah Valley almost six years ago. Our first project in the valley turned into our first LEED Gold Certified project completed. It took a lot of trust for that builder to bring us into their project. We were the new guy in town and they had a repeat client trusting them to put together the right team.

Commercial Design


Trust, that is the key to business success. Bloomberg Business Week says “customers need a reason to believe in your company.” To do this they say you need to tell the whole story, provide testimonials, and demonstrate your expertise. We did this with our first builder relationship here in the Valley. We worked hard to build trust and followed through to achieve our goal on the project.


Our primary goal as an architectural firm here in the valley is to design solutions that lead to a better community for everyone. We work hard to deliver projects that underscore that commitment to the future.  Our firm is dedicated to building relationships with those in our community with this shared vision. In order to do this and continue our growth in the valley, we continue to need your support. Simple acts of telling others about our work both face to face and written testimonials, supporting us in social media, and commenting on our blog posts go a very long  way into building trust.1898035_709088905778674_1458516789_n

We would love to share our story with you and talk about how we can build a better community. Come see us at the SVBA Home and Garden Show on April 12-13, connect with us on social media or our blog, or just give us a call.