Green Term Defined: Edible Landscape

Green Term Defined: Edible Landscape


As I was working in the yard today I started thinking about how much time I waste making the landscaping look good around my house. I barely notice the landscaping around my home as I come and go on a day-to-day basis. The trees and bushes are trimmed, the grass gets cut once a week, and the garden grows and provides me food. In other words, all the plants around my house take my time and energy and give nothing back except those in my garden.


We started replacing bushes that needed to be torn out a few years ago with blueberry bushes. They look good and they also produce food. This is an effort that has grown in popularity in recent years. People are starting to plant edible landscapes instead of just aesthetic landscapes.

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Edible landscaping is the practical integration of food plants within your landscape for the purposes of decorating as well as producing food. You can use lettuce, blueberry bushes, vegetables, fruit trees, and even watermelon to decorate your home landscape. Fruit trees are beautiful this time of year with vibrant blooms. Lettuce looks good as a low growing plant. Blueberry bushes give a beautiful color to your foundation plantings.