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Green Term Defined: Flashing

Green Term Defined: Flashing

Flashing is a strip of impervious material used to stop water from penetrating the junction of a wall or roof with another surface.

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One of the most critical design elements in a building are those keeping water out of the structural system. Flashing diverts the water and protects the building from rot and mold growth. If the flashing is not installed correctly, this can lead to damage to the building.



Flashing, while usually being a hidden element, is one that needs appropriate attention. Joints between materials expand and contract giving ample opportunity for water penetration into the structure.

The little details can save you money time and again in the construction process.

Little details make for a successful project. Little mistakes make for disasters that are hard to overcome. Here is the proper flashing detail for a window.

Here is the result when proper flashing is not done after only a few years.

A lot of time and effort is put into detailing drawings to get the little things right, but there is no better guarantee that it will be right than to have the architect perform Construction Administration, a reputable contractor as part of the team, and an adequate budget to achieve the quality desired.