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Save Money, Improve Comfort – How to improve your Heating and Cooling system

Your heating (ventilation) and cooling system uses more energy than anything else in your home. There are many things that could hamper the effectiveness of the system costing you money and comfort every day. Finding places that are causing problems and costing you resources is the first step in getting your home’s systems right, cutting your energy usage, and increasing comfort around the home.

One place you might not think to look to fix interior comfort is on the exterior. The exterior unit must have proper air flow around the entire unit. Cut back overgrown vegetation to give the proper clearance to the units. This allows the unit to function as designed.


The ducts inside your home (attic, basement, and crawlspace) should be sealed with mastic, NOT duct tape.


Ducts in the crawl space should have proper insulation around them to prevent sweating.