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Christmas at the Chesapeake Western Depot

Christmas at the Chesapeake Western Depot

We are loving our new Harrisonburg office on the edge of downtown. This was such a great move for our firm. We still feel connected to downtown – walking distance to the holiday parade. We now have a reserved parking lot for our clients. We get amazing sunrises over the building. We have enough space that we have now grown in size to 5 people in the Harrisonburg office. 


We can now host First Firday art gallery openings, which we have each Friday since moving into the building. Our friends, potential clients, and past clients all visit to see the new art work on display and hang out. It is a great chance to build community right in our own office space. We have artists signed up for some months in 2017, but do not have the entire year booked – let me know if you want to be in our space.


We get to share space with the creative minds at Estland and the construction experts at Herr and Co.


We also get to have fun making the space our own. This month Rebecca decorated for the holidays.

depot-christmas-27 depot-christmas-4depot-christmas-11depot-christmas-16

She found this tree at Mercy House along with a few other decorations.


She made these decorations.


We also got the guys downstairs at Monger’s to join in the Holiday fun and they hosted Santa in their space.


Of you put new Marvin Windows on your shopping list – he was checking out the details while at the space. 


My little elfs also stopped by to put their mark on my office. I like where this Xmas list is heading!


Of course my annual Harley Davidson tree made it to the new office to complete the decorations!


Christmas at the Chesapeake Western Depot is wonderful indeed. Stop by this week to see the decorations or just to say hi. We love having visitors to our space!