Crossroads Farm Green Home

Green Building is not expensive, it is not unusual, and it should not be considered a unique approach. Green Building should be done by all builders, demanded by all clients, standard for all neighborhoods. It is though unfortunately not the typical in Harrisonburg. It is taking hold, it is growing stronger, and you can now see it being built, but for every green home, there are many others that are not focused on energy efficiency, durability, and health.

In Crossroads Farm, we have a home under construction. The builder came to the project already familiar with ‘green’ building so change was not needed. It was refreshing to have a team that was already on the same page. My client wanted to work with us because we understand energy-efficient, durable, healthy design and a selected builder that can deliver it.

Harrisonburg green hom

We designed this high performance home for a client that has been a friend for several years. It has been a fun project to work on and now that it is taking shape, fun to see the results of all our design work. This is not the first green home I have designed, after all, I have been doing this since getting out of graduate school in 2003. However, this is the first green home I have done in Harrisonburg and with this builder. Some of the things that are standards in other markets are brand new here. They are tested and I know they work, but being new here, there is always discussion. So working with the builder already familiar with green building has been great, I have learned some new things and I think he has learned some new things. The project is well on its way to being one of the most efficient homes in Crossroads Farm. It will not stand out as different when it is done. In fact, it is designed to work with the site as much as possible and blend into the vegetated background, so literally will not stand out on the site. The home owners will see the difference in their electric bills, in the durability of the home, and in the indoor air quality. Visitors probably will not notice, but the clean air inside the home will revive them and give them energy. It will reduce allergy season for my clients. It will be an oasis for them to rest and relax. Green Building is not only about conservation, it is about healthy design. Working with a contractor that understands that there are ‘other’ ways of doing things makes this possible.

Crossroads Farm

So let me know what you think about our work. If you want a tour of the home, just let me know, I am certainly proud of what we are creating. If you have questions about ‘green’ construction, feel free to send me your questions.

Building Scientist – Value Added

It is very important that you involve someone who understands building science in your decision to build or renovate your home. Don’t accept “because that is the way we always do it” as an answer as we have learned lessons about why we should not do some things. This home under construction in Crossroads Farm was designed to be a high performance project. There are little items that change in design that make a huge difference for the construction and it takes a slight learning curve to get it just right. Most builders are not spending their time learning about the latest thinking in building science, but rather working hard to keep up with their current projects. A building scientist spends a tremendous amount of time researching and understanding how buildings work. As an architect that is focused on building science, I am able to use the knowledge gained through research to help you live healthier and more energy-efficient.

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