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I keep coming up short daily in reaching my goals

I am an environmentalist. I work daily to help others understand how they can create buildings that are healthy, energy-efficient, and durable. I give lectures about indoor air quality. I advocate for buying local through social media. I recycle, grow produce in our garden, turn off lights not in use, and drive a gas efficient car. I don’t do enough.


This past Sunday at church the sermon was focused on the global community as brothers and sisters. The idea that 2.18 billion Christians live around the world is overwhelming. The thought that each of them could love God’s creation and want to take care of it is humbling. As Pope Benedict XVI says “If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.” However, I am guilty myself of not doing enough every day to care for God’s creation. For instance, each morning I walk from the parking lot to my office I pass by trash in the parking lot that will be washed into downtown streams in the next rain. I still use fossil fuel based fuels in my home and office instead of safer and healthier alternative energy options. In other words, there is much work to be done in my life to truly care for God’s creation.

I wonder what other Christians are doing and as a global community what impact we are making? Does your church have a creation care committee? Does your church have an environmental impact statement? What do you do daily to care for creation?