Why Does Architectural Design Cost So Much?

I have written about this in the past – the most common question I get is how much does architectural design costIt is a difficult question to answer so I completely understand that clients do not know what to expect. Perhaps a better question is what is architectural design worth?

Architectural design

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What is the value of these added levels of training?

Well, you have to decide if you want someone who is licensed to practice architectural or just someone who does design work. The difference in a drafter and an architect is first the training required to get licensed. You have to go to college for 5-6 years to study design, work for a licensed architect for 3+ years, and pass Architectural Registration Examinations. Architects are also required to maintain a current license that is regulated by the State where you practice and have to do annual education training.

Architectural design

How much is custom design worth?

Next you have to decide if you want a custom-house or just new construction. The difference is that a custom-house is designed specifically for you. It is developed by having multiple conversations with you in order to determine goals, aspirations, dreams, budgets, space needs, storage needs, and aesthetic goals. How much is custom design worth? It results in a home that is right sized, efficient, durable, and healthy. It results in only paying for the house you need and not more or less than what you need. It results in a more efficient structural system, use of materials, and lower energy costs.

Architectural design

So how much does architectural design cost?

Our designs result in savings per square-foot through construct-ability savings, reduced energy use, durability of materials, and savings on time you would otherwise spend doing selections that we streamline. The final cost depends on many factors; The national average runs between 8-15%. Locally, the rates are less than national averages for sure. If you have a project, call me and we can talk about it. I am happy to better answer the questions for your project.