Composting and Compost Bin: Green Terms Defined

Composting and Compost Bin: Green Terms Defined

This is my favorite time of year. Plants are blooming, trees are sprouting leaves, and my compost bin is working hard. Many soils in our area are made largely of clay. You need to add good organic matter, compost, to have a successful garden and vibrant flowers. Composting is a great way to “grow better soil.”

Composting is the practice of mixing organic waste that can biodegrade quickly to create a planting medium called compost. This material can be used as a soil enrichment for your garden and flower beds. A quality compost is crumbly, earthy, and has the smell of decomposing organic matter. I used leaves, food scraps, yard waste, in mine mainly. The more you mix the matter the faster the compost is produced. I am a lazy composter so I built a huge bin and just let it set for a couple of years to do the work.

Fall Eco-tip for your fall cleanup

Spend some time collecting your yard waste this fall in a pile / compost bin / compost barrel. This pile will start to decompose over the winter (if you can keep the pile for two years it will be very good compost). You can then use this material to mulch your flowers in the spring instead of purchasing expensive potting soils and fertilizers. Nature will do the work for you if you just let it.

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