Lower electric bills in a larger building

Lower electric bills in a larger building

I just heard from a happy client this morning. We served as a green consultant for the design and construction of his new commercial building built by Glen Stoltzfus. He is seeing lower electric bills in a larger building. The building has ICF walls and roof. It has a raised floor that allows for floor vents below work stations that are controllable by the user of that station. Here are the results of our consulting and a great team of engineers and a contractor that understands value. You might guess he is very happy with our services.

Old Building: 6,000 square feet

New Building: 18,000 Square feet

New electric bills: 33% lower in new building than the old building

So to recap and drive the point home, his new building is 3 times as big as the old building to accommodate his growing business and his energy bills are less than they were before. He is no longer losing money every month paying for heating, cooling, and lighting that is not needed with a well designed building. This is just one example of how common sense green design saves money starting on day one.

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