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How much does it cost? A common question for architects.

How much does it cost? A common question for architects.

One of the best kept secrets in the construction industry is how much it costs to build a new home. The reason is there is not one answer to the question. It depends on the quality you want in your home. It depends on how many high dollar spaces you have in your home. These spaces will be bathrooms, kitchens, spaces with built-in cabinets, spaces with large windows, and spaces with high dollar finishes. It depends on how large your rooms need to be to meet your functional requirements. It depends on how many corners your homes footprint has to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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How much will your new home cost depends on the quality, size, and complexity of the structure. It also depends on the contractor you select as each have a custom approach to how they incorporate profit and overhead to maintain their business. The cost of your project depends on material costs, supply, and demand. The cost of your project depends on how many exterior spaces you want included, landscaping, depth of well, length of driveway, and even rock found during excavation.


So it is really not a secret, but one of the hardest questions to answer before a design is completed. Even at the end of design there are unknown impacts to cost under the surface of your building site. Working with your architect and builder you will have a good idea of where the cost will be for your project, but there is no way to know for sure at the beginning of the design process.