My attic is killing my monthly electric bills – problems identified?

The attic is a very important part of the thermal envelope. Especially in a mixed humid climate like we have here in Central Virginia. This picture identifies a common problem that we find in the majority of the homes we visit. No insulation above the attic access. Whether it is a pull down stair or a scuttle, make sure you build an insulated door that is air tight.

DSC05155Here you see another common problem we find – a recessed can light creating a thermal bridge and air leak to the condition space. Recessed lights are aesthetically clean from the finished side, but installed in a vented attic, create huge air leak potential.


This is a recessed can light in a thermal image showing air leaking around it and temperature differential.

IR_0030This picture shows a HUGE problem. The insulation was pushed away when the ductwork was installed. It never was pushed back into place. Worse, this exposed drywall is right next to an exterior air vent. This leads to a high chance of moisture issues and mold growth and a guarantee for uncomfortable space below.