Solarize Harrisonburg deadline is October 31!

If you’ve ever thought about using solar power for your electricity, here’s your chance!image 1

image 2

Solarize Harrisonburg is a local, grass-roots cooperative to increase the use of solar power in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County.  Under this program, community members leverage bulk buying power to lower their installation costs.  It began at a June 2 meeting which about 100 persons attended.  Solarize Harrisonburg officially launched on July 28, assisted by Community Power Network (CPN).  Since then, about 70 persons have completed a survey/signup form on the web site,, and are receiving free solar roof assessments.  CPN and cooperative members will select installer(s) in mid‑September.  Contracts and installations will occur Q4 2014.  A final informational meeting will happen at Massanutten Regional Library, Harrisonburg, on Oct 21, at 6 PM.  The signup deadline is October 31.  To ask questions, email and come to the meeting.image 4

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